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4 Things Small Business Owners Can Teach Us About Twitter

Posted by admin on May 1, 2014


Twitter is an invaluable tool for business owners, but most don't realize they already have all of the skills they need to make business take off.  

     Small businesses – we've all been to one at some point, but most of us don't recognize what really sets them apart from larger companies and corporations. These are the small details which makes us drive a little farther or pay a bit more to show our appreciation and give some support.

     You can use these four gems of knowledge from small business owners on your Twitter account to build trust, authority, and, most importantly, generate a ton of new leads.

1. Make Twitter a Personal Experience

     Small business owners specialize in creating a unique, personal atmosphere for clients and customers. That intimacy is pretty much the exact opposite of how many people feel browsing Twitter – overwhelmed by the torrent of information.

     Do something about it.

     You can make your Twitter followers feel a more personal connection by taking a few easy steps to differentiate you from the pack. Consider how a small business owner interacts with customers.

     She doesn't have the same conversation with every single client who walks through the door because she knows that each person is different. When you treat people like they are special they will notice and respond positively.

     You can make your Twitter followers feel more appreciated by sending a few personal messages, retweeting your followers' tweets, and targeting your content at a specific audience.

2. Tweet With Consistency

     The only thing worse than reading something wordy and pretentious is reading something bland and boring. Find a voice with flair and use it for every tweet. Your tone can range from light and funny to stern and serious, depending on the industry, just make sure to use accessible language.

     You don't really have room for all of those big, impressive-sounding words anyway.

     Keep a tone consistent with your branding to establish authority and a sense of familiarity for your followers. Your tweets should have personality and create a memorable experience which will linger long after the tweet has disappeared.

     Think of how small businesses in your area create a unique, inviting atmosphere of their own. Maybe your favourite co-op cafe has bean-bag chairs instead of couches, or the small hardware store has a giant hammer sticking out of the roof. These are all examples of creating a memorable atmosphere for your audience; Your job is to do the same thing on Twitter with images and words.

3. Always Define Your Target Audience

     Just like content marketers, business owners need to clearly define exactly who they want to reach. Business owners engage their clients by speaking their language. If your tweets are not targeted to a specific audience, you have no hope of grabbing anyone's attention.

     In a real-life encounter it might be awkward to jump into a conversation uninvited, but on Twitter it is perfectly normal, even encouraged. Create conversations worth listening to and people will flock.

     Once you have trust and attention, you have yourself a promising new lead.

4. Connect Twitter to Your Website

     If your content is strong, your traffic will grow.  Tweet new blog posts, promotional offers, and any other useful content you think people will enjoy.  Each tweet makes an impression which creates a lead, hopefully drawing people to your website.  Once they have landed on the website you can count on a conversion, provided the site is designed to motivate action.

     Don't overdo it with Tweets, because you run the risk of getting on people's nerves.  Four or five original Tweets a day is a good target, at least while you are still getting started.  Once you have established a sizable following you can increase the frequency of your Tweets. 

     Need any help managing your content marketing or social media marketing strategy? Contact us to see how we can make your content pop off the page and into the minds and memories of your audience.


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