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5 Kingston Blogs You Should Follow

Learn which Kingston-based bloggers you should be following.
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5 Kingston Blogs You Should Follow

Posted by admin on December 1, 2014


Kingston is filled with terrific people, great things to do, insightful opinions, and is host to a terrific community.  Nowhere does the vibrant spirit of the city come across better than in blogs published by Kingstonians, where they share thoughts, news, events, and recommendations about the city.

We decided to create a list of the blogs which you should be following to get the most of what Kingston has to offer on the web.  Our list is not ordered in anyway, since we feel all of these blogs have something unique and useful to offer.


First on our list is a blog written by Kingstonians, for Kingstonians.

Kingstonist was founded by husband and wife Danielle Lennon and Harvey Kirkpatrick in March 2008, and since then has published over 4,000 articles on news, events, and community issues related to Kingston.

The blog features stories, guides, reviews, and opinions on things occurring all around Kingston, focusing on news, arts, culture, sports, restaurants, and those unique qualities which make Kingston what it is.

Community engagement is a priority for the Kingstonist.  The contributors strive to encourage participation in the community through posts like the “Kingstonist’s Challenge” blog series, where they offer a weekly challenge connected with community involvement. Recent challenges include “Wear a Poppy,” and “Spread Kindness.”

The “Weekly Poll” blog series is another one of the website’s strengths, giving readers an idea of the public’s take on controversial issues.

Each week visitors respond to poll questions such as “How Will You Mark Sir John A.’s 200th Birthday?” or, “Who Will Be Kingston’s Next Mayor?”

Posts like “Weekly Poll” and “Kingstonist’s Challenge” are a great way to learn about general opinion, catch the latest local buzz, and learn how to get involved in the local community.

Readers are rewarded with a stronger connection to the local community.

The website has much more to offer than just blog posts. Located on the sidebar is a handy list of upcoming events which link to information including, date, time, cost, and organizer website.

With so much to offer it comes as no surprise that Kingstonist has garnered such a loyal following since it’s conception in 2008.

Category: Community

Updated: Daily

Example Post: “Guide to Local Remembrance Day Ceremonies”

Website:The Kingstonist Website

Cyber Pop

Edit: Since this post was published the blog has been removed and the website has been renamed. The site still contains useful industry tips in the form of links to slideshow on tech-related topics.

Written by local web celebrity and Queen’s University Associate Professor of Media Sidneyeve Matrix, Cyber Pop is a technology blog about emerging trends in digital culture.

Matrix gives you an insider’s take on graphic design, communication, marketing, branding, social media, technology, and how all of these things impact our daily lives.

Her academic experience gives the blog a fair bit of depth without requiring too much of the reader. Cyber Pop offers an abundant supply of information to mull over and consider.

Don’t be intimidated by the academic flavour of the blog; it provides advice, tips, information, and research on technology the technology which impacts our professional and private lives. The author’s critical eye is always fair and insightful.

Cyber Pop has an intuitive layout and well-coordinated graphic design. Not only is the content good, but the website looks great, making for a uniformly enjoyable browsing experience. 

A big part of what Sidneyeve Matrix works on involves social media and online communications, so if you are a social media buff make sure to follow this blog and check out her social media accounts.

Category: Technology

Updated: Regularly, presumably more often when not teaching.

Example Post: “How to Use the Web to Find a Career that Fits”

Website:Sidneyeve Matrix's Website

The Great Waterway of South-Eastern Ontario Blog

The Great Waterway of South-Eastern Ontario is a regional organization which encourages tourists to explore all that Kingston & area has to offer.

Although targeted towards tourists, this blog is worth your attention if you are looking for things to do in Kingston and the surrounding area, or you want to engage in some regional tourism.

A typical blog post contains information about what to do, what to see, or where to eat.  It’s a great blog to visit if you are looking for a weekend day trip for the family or just want to get away and experience the region for yourself.

Chances are there are a few things you have missed when exploring South-Eastern Ontario, and this blog is a great place to start filling in those gaps.


The website is host to a variety of authors writing about a wide range of topics, lending many different perspectives about what to see and do in the region.

As with most websites directed towards tourists, The Great Waterway Blog has a very clean design and is easy to navigate.  A handy sorting feature lets you arrange search results by region and topic so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for if you don’t feel like browsing. However, browsing is one of the best way to stumble upon a hidden gem you may have overlooked.

Category: Community/Tourism

Updated: Frequently

Example Post: “Discover the Kingston WritersFest”

Website:The Great Waterway Website

The Kingston Lobby Blog

The Kingston Lobby Blog is an off-shoot of the Kingston Tourism website and the official voice of Tourism Kingston. The blog was created to encourage people to visit the city and show off what Kingston has to offer on the global tourism scene – a relatively compact but action-packed city where history meets modernity.

Even if you are a long-time Kingston resident the website may still open your eyes to new attractions and encourage you to visit that restaurant you have been meaning to try or check out a local theatre production you were having second thoughts about.

For new Kingstonians, this blog is a terrific place to start planning your exploration of the city.


With its many contributors the Kingston Lobby Blog offers a range of voices representing the local scene and offers a range of perspectives from life-long Kingstonians to young professionals. 

Historically there has been a focus on food and restaurants, although the blog also includes info on events like local festivals, concerts, and theatrical productions.

The website is very modern looking, has some nice graphic design elements, and is generally a very enjoyable browsing experience. Articles are well laid out and easy to read, often featuring several images per post to break up the text and make the website experience more casual and engaging.

Topics covered are Arts & Culture, Wine & Food, & The Great Outdoors, although Tourism Kingston is always finding new ways to show off this great city and all there is to see and do.

Category: Community/Tourism

Updated: Frequently

Example Post: “50 Things to do in Kingston: November Edition”

Website:The Kingston Lobby Website

Station 14 Kingston

Ok, so Station 14 isn’t exactly a blog, but it serves the same purpose. We'll call it a vlog, or video log.

Using video to tell stories and share news about the community, Station 14 is on the leading edge of video journalism in Kingston.

As television viewership wanes and more people search for content online, Station 14 rises to meet the needs of the local community. 

With the tagline, “Your Community, When You Want It,” Station 14 seeks to provide Kingston residents with daily updates about what is happening in the city, human interest stories, and community news.

The website features bite-sized video clips usually spanning from one to three minutes, supplemented with a short blurb summarizing the story below.

The website is very clean and easy to navigate, giving users the option of filtering videos by popularity, date of upload, or event covered.

With three different video journalists covering stories all around Kingston and area, the news is always delivered in a friendly and objective manner.

Station 14’s recently launched website is simple and minimalistic, focusing on content over flashy appearance or trendy design.

Users can create an account to leave comments and join the discussion of local news and events.

Category: Community News & Events

Updated: Daily

Example Post: “Kingston Today – November 4”

Website:The Station 14 Website

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